Our Work

Programmes and ministries:

a) Counselling: Student from universities and bible colleges for internship to serve for special needs or just finding someone to talk to.

b) Christian music ministry: A programme to reach out the non-believers as well as to train more musicians and form band groups to serve in different churches for worship.

d) Theological training: A two year cycle of diploma in theology, including 8 subjects, running in 6 weeks condense course to enlarge the the ological knowledge of the church members, as well as to train more leaders for the ministry and church plantings.

c) Rest of the time: Open for all types of Christian fellowship, classes, seminars, functions and activities for all types of people. Such as glasses for piano, guitar, drums, singing, drama, dancing, music recording and Chris-Ga; seminars on Christian education, social matters such as stress, drugs, gambling, family relationship etc. and so on, depending on the neeeds and demand. Please call for information and details.

Southasian Immigrators and Overseas House Helpers

Meeting once per month



Band room, Recording studio, Function room, Cafeteria and Hall are avaliable for wedding and other use.



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