About Us

The purpose of our church

  We are living in a busy world where full of stress and pressure coming from study, work, family, sickness, relationship, rejection, hardship etc and so on. A rough estimation that there are at least 60% of people in Hong Kong has some degree of depression, or other problems. The real problem is that where they can find support an a place to rest and being accepted just as they are? Jesus said : [Come onto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.] (Matt 11:28)

   The word "church" came from the Greek word "ek-kle-si-a", a short definition means "assembly ", of people gathering together and not refer to a building alone. Therefore, the reason for Grace Bridge to have a base is to gather people to help and support each other through the love and teaching of God, so that we can be rested upon and being healed. And, when we are healed, we too can help others to be healed, this is what we call "life affecting life", and this is our "church".

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